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preyonda price
I would just like to say i have enjoyed this web site. And I am considering getting into the house buying business. And I would be honored if you would be my mentor. Thanks for everything you have done for me in the past, future, and present.

Hello Cliff! I just want to let you know: (1)You have a great website.(2)You are the best mentor a new investor could ever have...you are truly patient.(3)I have enjoyed doing business with you...now and forever more.(4)I will see you at your next seminar.(5)Don't forget about me when you take it to the top! I just recently bought two homes through you and it has been amazing! For anyone that is looking to invest, Cliff is certainly one of the most helpful people. If I make it to the top, I will not forget you!

Michael L. Wooten
Hello Cliff, The information we received was priceless. You are truly a blessing. It would be a good idea, for the class to meet again in two months. Also, for your next class, have them to vote on a class leader, and encourage them to meet periodically. Invite former students to gave testimonies. Have a barbecue for former active students. Give advance classes,too Next year have a reunion. See you at the top.

Kris Hollingsworth
Thanks Cliff for the seminar. I learned a lot of valuable information. I am looking foward to purchasing my first property in the month of Febuary. I know by duplicating what you do, I to will become debt free and financially independant. Thanks again and God bless you , Alicia and your family.

Eddie Denhardt
Hey, Nice website, I am really impressed. I enjoyed meeting you at the court house yesterday. I hope I can help you out in the future. I also might be able to refer some business to you. I am especially impressed with your investment program. Hope to evict someone soon.

Calvin P.
An associate of yours by the name of Howard introduced me to you, and I find you and your buying and selling concepts most interesting. Now I must see what your seminars can do for me.

Michelle Spooner
The seminar held on 12/6/03 was both motivational and informative. Your teaching style was so clear and concise that the transition from theory to practice was effortless. To date I am Negotiating 3 deals. Thanks Again!!

Tanya Cason
Thank you so much for the seminar held on Saturday 12/06/03. I have completed my first transaction on Monday 12/09. I am a believer and your class works and all the information is tried and true. Thank you very much for what you have taught me.

Tanya Cason
Cliff thank you for the seminar that was held on 12/06/2003. I have completed my first transaction on Monday 12/09/2003. All the information given was beneficial and I am a witness because I just completed my first transaction 2 days after the seminar.