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Cassandra Fountain
Cliff love what you done with your website. I see the growth in your business. You deserve it because you worked your but off for it. Congrats!! See ya in the big leauge representing GA. to the fullest. Not to mention the staff. Hey YAh!!!!!!!!! Love ya!

Very good site. Thanks for author! 4.0 | 4.1 | 4.2 |

Eric T
First of all I would like to pay a special thanks to Cliff. For Helping me in a time when everybody eles friends and family seemed to abandon me. I am Realtor who has sold alot of property in my career. However, a Realtor and a Investor are two different people. A realtor markets and sell property for others an Investor does it ALL including buy and sell. And the good Investors also care and see and feel what people are going through. To help people from going into forclosure to save those of us from a bad situation, to do all these things. YET do them honestly, professionaly, and to the level to which there is no doubt in ones mind that everything will work just almost by being simply told that everything will work out is something that is not seen in this world anymore. Thanks again Cliff and may God always be behind you.

This is a wonderful wealth of information. Good Luck!

Kevin Shen
Your site is very cognitive. I think you will have good future.:) 4.0 | 4.1 | 4.2 |

Just whant to say HI! I love this place!

I would like to know when you will have another seminar.

Lawrnce Daughrity
We are looking forward to doing business with you. Thank You

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Napoleon Utsey
Attn: Clifton W. Hodges

We spoke at the Jackie Elvira Hodges picnic last week. Just wanted you to know that we will be reading "Rich Dad/ Poor Dad shortly we put it on reserve at our local library. Our address is 307 Utsey Hill Road, St. George, SC 29477 We will keep you posted! Thanks Again