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SPECIAL REPORT: Sell Your Home Within FIVE(that's right 5) Days OR LESS:


Dear Friend,

Trying to sell your own home can be a complete nightmare! However, after reading this Special Report, you may very well have a totally qualified buyer within the next five days... ME!

While I can't promise you that I will absolutely buy your house in the next five days, I can absolutely tell you that I am constantly looking for and regularly buy homes just like yours from other folks in our community. I am completely qualified to buy your home, and very interested in doing just that. As you read this report, you'll get a good general idea of what I look for.

First of all, I am not a Realtor, just a private individual, just like you. People who have never tried to sell a home themselves just don't seem to understand all that's involved: the details, the time, the waiting, the ads that never seem to make the phone ring. Having strangers walking through your bedroom. Strangers that feel obligated to pick apart the most trivial features of your interior decorating tastes. Two-faced people, who smile and nod and act serious, but never call back. It can be a much bigger hassle than you ever thought possible... in fact, it can easily turn into your worst nightmare!

So, like I said, I am not a Realtor, but I do know what homeowners go through when they try to sell their home. You may still be in the "thinking about it" stage. Maybe you've already tried listing your house with an agent... maybe you haven't decided you're ready to go that route yet.

While it can't hurt to list with a Real Estate agent or broker, by the same token, do they ever seem to have the same "feel" for your house as you do? After all, if you had a computer sitting in your office loaded with thousands of nice beautiful houses of all shapes, sizes and price ranges... what kind of real "selling" would you actually do? Would you really go all out and work on selling one particular customer's house? Or would you pick out a selection of several houses for your prospective buyers, hoping to land them on one... any one... of the many homes you'd selected? Come on... you'd go with the numbers. After all, you don't have any personal liability if the seller's house sits an extra week or two... and there's always the next customer. And the next listing. But then, you're no Realtor, either.

That's why more and more folks have gone the "For Sale By Owner" route: you buy your sign, you place your ad, you show your home. You wait. You call back the lookers and leave messages on their answering machines. Maybe you actually get a live one, and write up an agreement! Several weeks pass. You start thinking something's going wrong. Financing?! But it's supposed to be the buyer's job to get a loan, not yours! Right!?

Can you tell I've been there? Right back on square one, with a beautiful new house, priced right, and not a clue on how to make it go away. Looking down the barrel of a deadline to move or some other significant pressure. Sometimes, the reasons people sell their home are great ones... a new job, a transfer, building or buying another home. Sometimes the reasons aren't so good at all... bankruptcy, divorce, foreclosure. Thinking about selling can quickly become waiting to sell... and it's amazing how fast "want to" can become "have to." Whatever the reason, it puts you in a pickle.

What if I were sitting at your dining room table right now, and told you I wanted to buy your home...? No sweat on the credit... in fact, I may very well close with all cash. No problem with the non-assumable loan. No problem catching up any payments in arrears. Would you perk up a little if that were the case?

I obviously don't know how much you owe, how much it's worth, or any of that. Those details can be handled when I am at your table. What I do know... and what you should know, is... If you'll share the facts with me, in complete confidence, I can either tell you on-the-spot if I can't help you, or I'll come back and give you one or more solid offers ... within 24 hours.


With your property, I'll probably structure several options, and let you choose the one that best suits your needs. The purchase price will be sufficient, I guarantee it. I will immediately take the financial burden of any monthly mortgage payments off your back, and I'll also take care of any fix-ups or maintenance, regardless of how minor or serious. What's more, I'll close when you're ready.

You see, I've found that I can make an acceptable profit on homes that even real estate agents have passed up.  It's basically because I personally handle the whole process. When I agree to purchase your property... I take it seriously and I treat your house like my very own. Your situation literally becomes OUR situation. And, frankly, I don't know how to make it work any other way.

You Can Get On With Your Life!


Look, like I said earlier, people sell homes for various reasons. Maybe it's a new job that requires a move, and they don't want to carry double house payments. Maybe it's a company down-sizing that creates the problem. It could be bankruptcy for foreclosure... or they could've won the lottery. Perhaps they want to build... they're tired of the same old neighborhood... they need something bigger, something smaller. It could be death or divorce...or marriage or birth. Whatever it is, the house has become something to move beyond. To sell, to put behind you, so you can get on with the business of living your life.

I'm not a cynical person... this is reality. Granted, I don't know your particular reasons for selling, but I do know how to get your house closed as quickly and professionally as possible. In fact...

Here's The Game Plan To Sell Your House Quickly!

After we agree on the purchase price, and verify the amount you owe on the mortgage, if the circumstances are right I may pay all cash at the closing. If not, we may work out monthly payments for a period. Whichever way you go... you get immediate relief from your monthly obligation to your mortgage company.


Please don't misunderstand or assume that we have to "steal" your house, or that you need a lot of equity for me to be interested. I've worked with all kinds of circumstances and have been thoroughly trained to create solutions after so-called "experts" have given up and quit. Again, if you share all the facts with me, I'll tell you within two minutes if we can help. Now that we've got that clarified, allow me to give you a few examples of how I might help.

In many cases, I may come to closing with the ability to pay off your mortgage, and you'll receive your equity at that time. Other times a purchase deferral program makes more sense. (I'll explain the details in a minute.)

The best part is, your loan doesn't even have to be assumable. Regardless of the type of loan - assumable, non-assumable, assumable with qualifying, FHA, VA, Conventional - I have approaches that work for all transactions. I take care of your monthly payments, take on all responsibility for maintenance and upkeep of your property, and liquidate your asset, before it becomes a liability! Now seriously, does it get any better than that? As I stated before, my approach can work in any situation. We'll create the solutions, and you pick the one you like best!

Let me share some examples with you.  In these examples, the names have been changed since I maintain complete confidentiality in all cases.  Anyway, this couple, we'll call them John and Mary Smith, contacted me recently and sold me their home within 3 days. 

John Smith worked for one of the big companys locally.  As often happens lately, he received notice that he was being transferred in 90 days. John and Mary had just built their beautiful 3500 sq. ft. home only two years before. If they couldn't sell before his transfer, their only choice would be to make double payments. The prospect of renting his house out from a distance did not excite him whatsoever. Smart man!

He'd been trying to sell it for over two months when a mutual friend suggested that he call me, and by then he was desparately looking for some answers! He was excited to hear that I had an easy way out for them. Later, at their home, I looked over their loan papers, and we began to solve their problem.You see, they owed $210,000 at 8%, paying $1540.91 a month.

Mary had a friend who was a Realtor, and she'd told them they were probably upside-down (owed more principal and interest than the house would sell for including commissions), since they'd just taken out the loan and they didn't have time to sell it themselves.

All these folks wanted was to get out from under the liability of the loan, so they could be eligible for a new loan on a new house. I agreed to pay John and Mary full retail value (top dollar) upon purchase, and to cover their mortgage payments under a purchase deferral program until then. Our objective was to find a quality buyer to occupy the house until they were able to buy. After a quick title check, we immediately began our marketing campaign, and to be honest, it was easy!

You see, in this business you develop files on qualified buyers looking for houses. They all have their own criteria, as far as monthly payments they're looking for, down payment they have, how many bedrooms and bathrooms, etc. So I simply began calling some prospective clients, knowing that this house met their criteria. The third couple I called wanted to see it right away, so I met them at the house that afternoon. The next day they called, wanted the house, and they were in my office that afternoon signing papers. It was that quick and easy!


I immediately began the process of walking them through the details required to get them qualified for their new loan. During this process, I simply leased the property to them, completely covering the mortgage payments. Four months later, the buyers were able to obtain their new loan. In the meantime, John and Mary were able to obtain their new financing, based on the agreement between them and me.

The Smiths got their new home, the new family had a home immediately, and within 120 days we closed the sale. We realized a profit from the difference between the Smith's loan balance and the new buyers purchase price. But most importantly, the Smiths were released from liability, thus making life a lot less stressful for them.

It was a win/win situation for all 3 parties involved, and just another example of how this purchase deferral program can work for anyone.


Now I can't promise you that I can do the same for you. Frankly, it can certainly take longer than four months. But remember, purchase deferrals are only one of many tools in my "arsenal." There's just no way a single Report could possibly answer every question and every need you may have... consider this an overview.

If it strikes a nerve... if you find you're in a position with your home that doesn't seem to be going anywhere, one you think I might possibly be able to help you solve, please contact me today.

Contact me by phone or email, or fill out our on-line form. You won't get some sales pitch. We'll answer any questions we can right away. See our most commonly asked questions now on our FAQ page. And by the way, don't worry if you don't want anyone living in your home while we're selling it... we have a solution for that, too, at the end of the FAQ!